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FIFA 18 Operation Sports Sliders | Version 6 (1.07 Update)
World Class/Legendary, 10-15 Mins, Slow Speed
as of 12/10/17

Sprint Speed - 50/50 - Had to bump this up because the lower sprint and acceleration were in part in creating the 1) slidey animation and 2) the backpedal, followed by forward pedal.

Acceleration - 50/50 - See above for sprint. Also wanted true fatigue back. Animations seem much smoother as well since putting these back to 50.

Shot Error - 50/50 - Too many posts hit before, even on 51. Still happens, but can't go under 50.

Pass Error - 55/55 - As suggested, we bumped this up from 52 and it's great to see the CPU being more humanized, but definitely not losing its attacking prowess or variety in play.

Shot Speed - 50/50 - Same as above for Shot Error. Feel like I saw a lot more backward save animations with the higher shot speed.

Pass Speed - 50/50 - Big difference here. Yes, driven pass will be attempted, but not always successful. Takes some getting used to as well, but at least it keeps the ball alive and passing feels less labored now than before.

Injury Frequency - 64/64 - less players walking off the pitch, and more recovering from injuries. Credit to @mark0r .

Injury Severity - 4/4 - still plenty of severe injuries and variety of injuries. Credit to @mark0r .

GK Ability - 50/50 - Had to get this back to 50. Honestly, I feel that the GK animations must be in sync with the shot speed + error chosen. This is why I feel the GK made so many more saves at a lower value. They would be late in reacting, yet somehow still get their gloves to the ball.

Marking - 50/50 - Happy to bump this back up to a normal value of 50/50. No issues with positioning, and no over/under marking with weird animations.

Run Frequency - 20/22 - As suggested, moved this down from 50/52, but keeping the 2 pt discrepancy for the CPU. This allows them get the crosses in and also promotes the same variety before. Overall, good balance with this lower run frequency - and of course seeing plenty of runs.

Height- 55/55 - This had to go down from 65. With it at 65, it was too easy to get from defensive third to defensive third. The midfield was bypassed too easily, especially with the pass speed + length, etc. The real key with this value was also to help the crossing game. This now allows the CPU and User runs to be more timed into the box, and that can result in crosses into space, versus crosses that loop up in the air lazily and meet someone's head...head on.

Length- 40/40 (previous 45/40) - Had to drop this back down to an even level. Think the 40/45 was working nicely, but eventually the CPU just started to get past the length too often. Now, evened out again, like version 5, there is a lot more midfield play. Building numbers defensively and offensively is real key now.

Width- 60/60 - Anytime we raise width, there is always a concern that it's going to be too wide, and players won't stay goal-side. Well, FIFA is already designed to be more narrow, so raising the width here, relative to the height + length, just works. They real key was to ensure that the marking was less...magnetic. Noticed on 50 width that the players were just falling over eachother, and performing that weird backpedal/forwardpedal animation. At 60 width, we're now in a great spot, and there's also no need for a discrepancy since the HLW are all the same.

FB Positioning - 50/50 - FB's were getting up the pitch too quickly, and running into the midfield, not to mention being able to be found very easily with a switch ball.

FT Control - 65/65 - Had some hesitation with this suggestion, but upon review, it's great. You just never know what can happen. Elite players are humanized still, but not so much that it inhibits their class. The pass speed at 50 also keeps the ball alive, and when the CPU chooses a unrealistic driven pass, the recipient's first touch will determine the next action versus just automatically able to turn or pass off to a runner. Happy with this.