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Spielt gerade: Bayo2/DMC4SE

Hersteller: Koei Tecmo
Entwickler:Team Ninja
Genre: Dark Sengoku Action RPG "Souls"
Anzahl der Spieler: 1-2 Coop und PvP
Technische Daten(Auflösung/Framerate) für PS4:Variable Auflösung&60fps,1080p&30fps
Technische Daten(Auflösung/Framerate) für PS4 PRO: 1080p&60fps,4K&30fps
Distributions Format: PS4 Exklusiv Retail & PSN
Preis (UVP): 60€ Seasonpass gibt es auch für 20-30€
Release Datum: 9.Februar 2017


"Very typical war time game, impossible to clear fully on the first time"

Ni-Oh wurde zuletzt vor 10 Jahren angekündigt und nun kommt es exklusiv für die Ps4.
Ich liebe den Artstyle hat was von Bloodborne und Onimusha !
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wer hätte das gedacht :D aber mal im ernst, der trailer sieht nicht schlecht aus, onimusha 5 von koei - während capcom nur olle spiele neu aufwärmt...
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Du Nuss^^ Hab ich mir die limitierte Auflage der MGS V PS4 zum Rumstehen gekauft oder du^^

Der Trailer sieht sehr überzeugend aus! Und wenn dann noch hinzukommt, dass es ein bisschen anspruschsvoller wird, durch die Anlehnung an die Souls - Spiele, dann gibt es dazu nichts mehr zu sagen. ;)

Oder würde mir da jemand widersprechen?
PSN-Name: Greek-God88
Spielt gerade: Bayo2/DMC4SE
Nioh protagonist William can fight using multiple weapons, including swords and spears. Spears have a wider range and can strike a larger number of oponents, but is difficult to use in confined spaces. Each weapon has its own characteristics such as this. Additionally, switching between a higher offensive stance and lower defensive stance will be an important element.

There will be an online element called “Chinokata Dzuka” (Bloody Sword Mound). When you’re connected online and playing the game, you’ll see the “bloody sword mounds” of players who have died sticking out of the ground. When you touch it, that player’s “Jigurui” (Corpse Deviation) will appear and a battle will ensue. You can see their name, level, and cause of death before deciding whether to summon them. Corpse Deviation battles are dangerous, but defeating the summon might earn you useful items.

William also has at his disposal a variety of “Guardian Spirits,” which can be used at certain times to unleash a powerful attack. Some also offer healing abilities. If you die, your Guardian Spirit will stay in the location you were killed, and if you don’t recover it, you won’t be able to use it again. You’ll be able to switch out your Guardian Spirit at shrines you encounter along the way.
Sony Worldwide Studios Präsident Shuhei Yoshida's meist erwartetes Spiel ist NiOH

Shuhei Yoshida's in a pretty privileged position where he gets to play practically every first-party PlayStation 4 game in an early state, but while he'll have enjoyed hands-on time with titles like Uncharted 4: A Thief's End and Horizon: Zero Dawn, it's actually another title that's caught his eye: Koei Tecmo's re-revealed Nioh, which is due out on the PlayStation 4 next year.

Speaking with a Chinese website, the executive stated that the release caught his eye when he found out that it shares some similarities with Bloodborne and Dark Souls. For those out of the loop, the game will see you take control of a character named William, who can wield multiple different types of weapon – from swords through to spears.

The From Software comparisons come into play courtesy of the Chinokata Dzuka system, which translates roughly to Bloody Sword Mound. Essentially, when you play online you'll happen upon the graves of fallen players. Touching these will resurrect the 'spirit' of that character, and you'll be able to fight them in order to unlock important items.

Another element that's been inspired by Dark Souls are the Guardian Spirits, which will help you in battle by healing you and unleashing powerful attacks. Should you die at any point, your Guardian Spirit will remain at the location that you perished, so you'll need to work your way safely back to the place of your death in order to recover it.

Of course, Nioh isn't the only game that Yoshida's interested in, as he also cited excitement for Dragon Quest Builders and Vanillaware's gorgeous 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim. In truth, there's an absolute wealth of exciting content on the way for the PS4 next year – and a frightening chunk of it is exclusive. Yoshida must be feeling like he's on top of the world.


NiOH ist auch mein meist erwartetes Spiel.
Freue mich schon drauf, dass ich endlich mal wieder ein Onimusha game (NiOH) spielen werde.

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Mein Must Have NR1. Leider ist der Name des Spiels bescheuert (für den westlichen Markt) und der Charakter unpassend, austauschbar bzw. eine Kopie von einem anderen Spiel.