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PSN-Name: Tommyfare
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Hersteller: Square Enix
Entwickler: Square Enix
Genre: Action RPG
Anzahl der Spieler: 1
Technische Daten(Auflösung/Framerate):
Distributions Format: Disc / PSN
Preis (UVP): 49,99€
Release Datum: 31.03.2017

Inhalt :
• KINGDOM HEARTS Re:Chain of Memories
• KINGDOM HEARTS 358/2 Days (in HD überarbeitete Filmsequenzen)


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Der Aufwand die zu überarbeiten, wäre wohl zu groß gewesen. Nunja, schon verständlich, aber auch schade bei 358/2 Days. Das Gameplay war da ja echt gut.


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Dann müsste es KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 + 2.5 + 2.8 ReMIX heißen, oder? :ugly:

1.5 und 2.5 waren bereits jeweils eine Collection, die u.a. auf der PS3 erschienen sind. Für die PS4-Konvertierung bündeln sie beides nochmal zusammen in eine größere Collection, aber die 2.8er Inhalte sind natürlich nicht nochmal dabei.


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PSN-Name: ByakuyaEXT
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Prinzipiell schon. Nur massiger Cashgrab für die Fans dann.
Will ich nur 1.5 haben darf ich dann dennoch den ganzen Schmu kaufen.
Da hätte man die Zusätze aus 2.8 da ruhig noch reinstopfen können.
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Da ist auch einiges an Content in 2.8^^
Klar am Liebsten hätte ich alles in einer Box (kommt dann mit KH3 :D), aber naja, so geht es ja auch noch, solange es auf einer Konsole ist :D


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PSN-Name: PlanetJumble
Ja, so kann man das natürlich auch sehen. Die Teile, die man noch gerne dazu hätte, fehlen bitterlich, während die Teile, die man schon hat, völlig überflüssig sind. Ich hätte jetzt gerne Final Fantasy 12 mit in der Collection, voll die Abzocke dass das nicht dabei ist! ~troll~


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PSN-Name: PlanetJumble
Cashgrab... ganzen Schmu kaufen... ruhig noch reinstopfen... habe ich sicher völlig falsch interpretiert. Dann tut es mir aber dolle leid.
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PSN-Name: EGOKill3r
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Da zu PS2 Zeiten Kindom Hearts leider irgendwie an mir vorbeigegangen ist, kommt mir die Collection gerade recht.

Die LE gibts ja leider nur im SquareEnix Store, hat schon mal jemand dort bestellt?


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PSN-Name: Sir_Kinta
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Die versenden aus UK, aber trotzdem war jede Pre-Order rechtzeitig da. Die Versandkosten sind da übel, aber bei Spielen entfallen die glaube ich oder so.
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First 60fps KH1 and Re:CoM footage shown from KH 1.5+2.5. Nomura seems to be hinting (in this tweet) they will post gameplay for the other games in the collection tomorrow.

The collection contains four games and two movies.

The four games are (in recommended order of playing):

Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories

Kingdom Hearts II

Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

KH, KHII and BBS are the Final Mix (definitive) versions. Re:CoM doesn't have a Final Mix version.

The two movies are adaptations of the handheld games KH 358/2 Days and Re:coded.
PSN-Name: Greek-God88
Spielt gerade: Bayo2/DMC4SE
Square Enix needs to patch KH1.5+2.5
KH 2.5

-Loads are nearly non-existent, couldn't have asked for better loading situation, it destroys any version of KH2 in loads.
-Game is not very stable. I crashed in 1 playthrough trying to save, Ninten crashed after a fight, someone else I forget also crashed too. It seems far less stable than PS3 2.5 JP so far (not English PS3 tho prob?)
-60FPS is nice, physics are mostly intact, but some side effects are here and there that are very annoying
-Grim Reaper 2 has weird shit going on with his RC on the chest when you have medallions, it kept cancelling on me, didn't test it further (yet)
-Sounds are still missing and such. Only Xigbar's DM seems fixed
-Was having trouble with the Roxas strat, sometimes Roxas doesn't get launched high and recovers before you can keep the combo going. Don't recall this in original 2FM/2.5 PS3
-Could not get Xemnas 1 to crash with Limit Form, same as 2.5 PS3. Needs testing when English 2.5 comes out
-Duck Flare is back to normal in JP, needs testing when English 2.5 comes out
-Could not get Experiment crash to work, every attack during RC was going through me, will test more to see if actually fixed (doubt it)
-Terra is unchanged, however, you can't just single Guard his punch anymore, you get pushed into it due to prob 60fps physics, so you have to double Guard probably
-Terra's key whip start also has a weird graphic that shows now
-Assault Riders don't jump as far now (prob physics problem)
-Only cutscene that seems 60fps is Final Xemnas beatdown, prob cuz part of fight?
-Trinity seems slightly better, maybe due to 60fps, did 328 hits easily on LoD2 fight
-No soft reset still (srsly?)

-A bunch of people are save crashing now, this is an extremely bad crash to get, you're forced to save often to avoid losing tons of progress
-Vexen Data is fucked now. Anti Sora spawns immediately due to the Data bar getting filled too fast and during the opening scene.
-Something is apparently up with Blizzaga finishers on Axel Data where his RV gets hit now (likely a 60fps effect)
-At PAX, Dean was able to test if Xemnas 1 still crashes in their 2.5 demo. It still exists, but the crash once again does not exist on JP 2.5 PS4
-Forgot this, but yes Final Xemnas RC still drops, just as bad if not worse than PS3
UPDATES (3/10/17):
-Data Org is super fucked (sorta), at least 4 speedrun strats do not work at all anymore
-Axel you cannot Blizzaga finisher him past Revenge Value anymore, he goes into wall...physics problem prob
-Saix corner loop does not work anymore, Explosion does not send him far enough away, so he hits you
-Xemnas 1 Reflega + Slapshot + Reflega + Explosion does not work consistently anymore, Xemnas falls out of Explosion
-Vexen cannot be DM skipped now, due to Anti Sora garbage, his data bar maxes to 5 in like 10s or less of being on you, super fail
-Experiment crash confirmed still exists (though remember, it's in all versions of KH2)

KH 1.5

-Load times still much faster than PS3 version, though not nearly as fast as PS4 2.5.
-Small movement tricks are no longer possible (such as dodge rolling over certain things)
-Infinite Roll Glitch doesn't exist anymore (likely due to 60fps messing with Dodge Roll)
-The Riku Ansem loop has a different timing now, Sora recovers too fast from ground finisher to do it the normal way
-Sound effects are utter garbage now. Finishers sound like smacking someone with paper most of the time, and many sounds don't even play, such as enemy deaths, or Sephiroth hitting you with his Sword
-EXP 0 damage store still intact, fortunately
-Simba Crash still exists
-According to Mist, 100 Acre Woods is a bit messed up now in certain ways idk about yet
-Sephiroth's meteor is now insanely fast due to fps problem
-Sephiroth's Octaslash is screwed up, he doesn't go as far and basically gets stuck on you