Grand Theft Auto V

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New Features / Updates
Players are now able to own a third property, allowing potential ownership of up to 30 cars and 9 bicycles.
Deadzone and Acceleration sliders have been added to control Settings.
First Person Mode Auto Level Camera on/off setting has been added to Settings.
New Content
Three new settings added:
- First Person Aim / Look Deadzone - This reduces right stick deadzone. A lower deadzone allows for the game to register player input sooner and in turn make aiming more responsive for players that require greater precision; the higher the setting, the faster the player is able to look around.
- First Person Aim / Look Acceleration - This controls how quickly speed is increased until the player reaches maximum turn speed; the lower the setting, the longer it takes for the player's turn speed to reach maximum.
- First Person Auto Level Camera on/off setting - This gives the player complete control over where they're looking at all times. With the option on, if a player is looking down and moving forward then the camera will pan up so that the player can see in front of them. With the option off, then the player would remain looking at the ground when moving forward.
Four new vehicles have been added to Southern San Andreas Super Autos:
Bravado Rat-Truck
Vapid Slamvan
Dinka Jester (Racecar Livery)
Dewbauchee Massacro (Racecar Livery)
To obtain these vehicles in Story Mode: PS3 / Xbox 360: These vehicles can be obtained from the Special Vehicle List when in a player-owned garage. PS4 / Xbox One: These vehicles can be purchased online from San Andreas Super Autos.
Two new weapons have been added to Ammu-Nation in GTA Online (Not supported in the Shooting Range):
Homing Launcher ('Fire and Forget')
Proximity Mine
To obtain these weapons in Story Mode: PS3 / Xbox 360: Weapons are deposited direct to the character's weapon wheel with a full clip of ammo. PS4 / Xbox One: Weapons will unlock and be available for purchase from Ammu-Nation after passing certain missions in Story Mode.
30 new tattoos have been added to all Tattoo Parlours in GTA Online.
Five new Kit items have been added in GTA Online:
Black Combat Chute Bag
Charcoal Combat Chute Bag
Forest Combat Chute Bag
Gray Combat Chute Bag
Tan Combat Chute Bag
Players who log in on either the 24th December, 31st December, or the 1st January will be gifted a Firework Launcher with five rounds. The launcher will be permanently added to the player's inventory. Players who already own the launcher will receive 5 rounds when logging in on each of the above days.
The Christmas Day Gift will be available only to players who log in to play GTA Online on 25th Please note that this is only available from the Christmas Day Gift and cannot be purchased.
Second Chance Event Items
Players who missed out on getting T-Shirts and Beer Hats in Events this year will be given a second chance to try and get them, as well as a few new items with a new special crate dropping each day over the holiday period.
Festive Period (Time-limited content)
Christmas Tree added to Legion Square.
Christmas Trees added to all Apartments.
Please note that the weather option will be removed from Job lobbies during Snowy Weather.
Snowballs added whilst Snowy weather is active. These can be gathered and stored by pressing D-pad Left when a player is unarmed. Nine Snowballs can be stored at a time and will melt and disappear when swapping sessions or starting Jobs.
The Firework Launcher has been added back to Ammu-Nation for the festive season. This item will be available to purchase from the 24th December until the 5th Fireworks will now be more festive than previous fireworks.
90+ new Festive Surprise themed items of clothing have been added for male and female characters to all clothes stores. All of last year's Holiday Gifts clothing will also be available during the Festive Surprise. All time-limited clothing added for the Festive Surprise period is free to purchase.
Five new Festive Surprise themed masks have been added to Vespucci Movie Masks for male and female characters:
Elf (3 variants)
Gingerbread Man
Generic / Miscellaneous fixes - Story Mode - PS4 / Xbox One
Fixed an issue where trees were not responding to wind and weather
Fixed an issue where one of the Peyote plants is resetting after being picked up.
Fixed an issue where Lester's first assassination mission does not affect the Stock Market correctly.
Fixed an issue where Michael's drinking animation could be seen occurring incorrectly if he answered his phone mid-drink.
Generic / Miscellaneous fixes - GTA Online - PS4 / Xbox One
Fixed multiple issues to allow improved matchmaking and connectivity speeds.
Fixed an issue where players who left their character wearing masks when migrating were unable to remove them when attempting to update their character's features.
Fixed an issue where players were able to make their vehicle appear to hover after exiting a Mod Shop.
Fixed an issue where character faces would flicker on the D-pad down player list.
Fixed a number of map holes / escapes.
Fixed an issue where players were seeing large amounts of 'Timed Out' errors after migrating their accounts.
Fixed an issue where some Collector's Edition items were not transferring properly / available for free after migration.
Fixed an issue where BMX physics had changed, creating issues with Races and stunting.
Fixed an issue where it was possible to lose player control for a period of time when selecting to host a Race from the pause menu while On Call.
Fixed an issue where player character faces could age rapidly after several hours of playing.
Fixed an issue where it was possible to become stuck on 'Launching Session' when starting a LTS match.
Fixed an issue where players could hang when transitioning to a game corona.
Fixed an issue where the Flight Suit mask could obscure the player character's face in the Character Creator after transferring to PS4 / Xbox One from PS3 / Xbox 360.
Fixed an issue where Leaderboards could flicker when being viewed.
Fixed issue where players could hang when a lobby Host attempted to launch 'Meth'd Up'.
Fixed an issue where adding Turbo upgrades to a vehicle could make it slower.
Fixed an issue where player characters could be seen putting on Top Hats instead of a Helmet when on a Motorbike.
Fixed an issue where some hairstyles could become unavailable after transferring a character.
Fixed an issue where players were unable to use the 'Online Event' button during the initial boot screen.
Fixed a small issue where a player's character could pop slightly after completing a Parachuting Race.
Der Patch ist 1,23 Gigabyte groß und wird automatisch beim Starten von Grand Theft Auto 5 heruntergeladen.
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Laut GTA Wiki findet man sie an Waldrändern und vor allen in Blaine County. Evtl. hilft dir das ja ein wenig weiter...
Wildschweine sind oft am Waldrand und in ganz Blaine County anzutreffen.