PS4 Version mit First Person Modus?


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Kurz schaltete Rockstar eine FAQ Seite zu Grand Theft Auto V (PS4 Version) online, dort wurden einige interessante Sachen beantwortet. Man findet die Webpage noch im Googlecache.

Wichtigste Neuerung ist neben neuen Easter Eggs und Zufallsevents der First Person Modus (den man bereits im ersten Trailer kurz sehen konnte) und zwar jeweils im Auto (inkl. funktionierender Amarturen) und zu Fuß!


New Features in GTAV and GTA Online for PS4, Xbox One, and PC

Question: When upgrading from the Xbox 360 or PS3 version of GTAV to a PS4, Xbox One, or PC version, what changes will I see?

Answer: Grand Theft Auto V will take full advantage of the power of the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC with across-the-board graphical and technical improvements to deliver a stunning new level of detail. Increased draw distances, finer texture details, denser traffic, and enhanced resolutions all work together to bring new life to the cities, towns, deserts and oceans of Rockstar North’s epic reimagining of Southern California.

All new content and gameplay created since the launch of Grand Theft Auto Online, including an extensive array of new Jobs, an arsenal of new weapons, scores of new vehicles, new properties and player customizations will also be available for the PlayStation 4 system, Xbox One and PC with much more to come. In addition, the current community of players will have the ability to transfer their Grand Theft Auto Online characters and progression to their choice of PlayStation 4, Xbox One or PC.

Grand Theft Auto V for PC will also feature a video editor designed for advanced movie-making.

In addition to the above features, you'll see:

A brand new first person mode for vehicles that shows the interior of the vehicle, including working speedometers, tachometers, dash lights, and more
A brand new first person mode while on foot
A wealth of new easter eggs and random events for Story Mode
New animals roaming Los Santos
Animals in GTA Online?
Players that transfer characters from Xbox 360 or PS3 will receive free new weapons and a free garage in GTA Online.
Newly overhauled character selection screen

For the latest on new features coming to GTAV and GTA Online on Xbox One, PS4, and PC, click "Subscribe" at the top of this page and check out our community forum.


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Natürlich auch auf XB1, PC ;)

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click this:

which is the cached version of the page and then click "text-only version", and it takes you to a gta iv rick roll.

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Turning off java script does the same thing on the support site.

you can check other links

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This is real. Trust me.
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oh mein Gott sollte das wirkluch kommen. Dann gibts echt kein andres spiel mehr. Moment was red ich da??? Ich werd mir da ein zweites leben aufbauen Second life ich komme :ugly:

Ciao Leben und Hallo GTA V :sabber:
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