FreeDVDBoot - DVD Player Hack


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Es ist vollbracht: Es gibt jetzt einen PS2 Boot-Hack, der über das DVD Laufwerk funktioniert.

I've previously discussed how the PlayStation 2 doesn't have any good entry-point software exploits for launching homebrew. You need to either purchase a memory card with an exploit pre-installed (or a memory card to USB adapter), a HDD expansion bay (not available to slim consoles), open up the console to block the disc tray sensors, or install a modchip. For the best selling console of all time, it deserves better hacks.

My initial attempt to solve this problem was to exploit the BASIC interpreter that came bundeld with early PAL region PS2s. Although I was successful at producing the first software based entry-point exploit that can be triggered using only hardware that came with the console, the attack was largely criticized due to the requirement of having to enter the payload manually through the controller or keyboard, and limitation of being PAL only. I decided to write-off that exploit as being impractical, and so the hunt continued for a better attack scenario for the PlayStation 2.
Ultimately, I was successfully able to achieve my goal by exploiting the console's DVD player functionality. This blog post will describe the technical details and process of reversing and exploiting the DVD player. Loading backups of commercial games is also possible. All of my code is available on GitHub.
Due to the large number of different PlayStation 2 models released, each with slightly different DVD player firmwares (> 50...), I will focus on a single DVD player for the duration of this article: 3.10E, as it happens to be the firmware for the console I own. Update: apparently region doesn't matter as my 3.10E exploit was confirmed work on a 3.10U console.
There already exists a tool (ESR patcher) which patches games to appear like DVD videos so that they'll be accepted by the 'mechacon' (security processor), and an associated loader program (ESR) that boots these patched "video discs". Chaining together this new exploit with that ESR loader would allow you to patch your backups so that they could just be burned and run on your console from boot as though they were official discs.

I don't really want to be responsible for maintaining a tool that does this, so I'm not including any of the code to do this in the repo, but the gist of it can be explained pretty quickly, so I'll just provide some notes explaining how to do it: