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Standard Gran Turismo Sport Updates / Changelog


Known Issues (10/14/2017)


The following issues have already been reported in regards to the Gran Turismo Sport Open Beta TEST.

Issues being corrected after the release of the product version

■The game freezes when participating in a drift trial using a car with a custom color chip.
 - If the exterior is edited in the livery editor with a custom color chip and the player participates in a drift trial, the game freezes after displaying the results.

■Steering Controller
 - There have been cases where the H Pattern shifter THRUSTMASTER® TH8A is not recognized properly.

 - On the Thrustmaster T500RS steering controller, we will correct the issue where there is excessive vibration when turning the steering wheel over a certain amount (causing understeer).

 - We will increase the steering speed on the standard DualShock 4 controller to improve controllability while oversteering and drifting.

Issues Being Corrected in the Product Version

■ Regarding the Issue Where the Game Crashes When Accessing 'My Menu'
 - We have been made aware of an issue where, when the 'My Menu' is opened on a new game, the game freezes. This symptom is caused by server congestion and can be alleviated by playing the game for approximately 15 minutes for the first time, then successfully saving by pressing the save button.

■ Sport Mode
 - Lap times that are not possible under normal driving conditions are recorded in the Qualifying Time Attack Rankings.

■ In the PIT
 - An issue has been found whereas cars accessing the pit work would hop or move in a strange manner.

■ Achievements
 - The number of wins in Achievementsis not counted up when winning in Sport Mode.

■ Arabic
 - Currently, starting a race with Arabic language settings may freeze the game.

■ Lobby
 - Grid Sort
 - In the Grid Sort of the Event Settings, settings other than the [Host Specified] start is not working properly.
 - If the Grid Sort is set to anything other than [Host Specified], the grid positioning will not be performed properly.

 - Penalties
  - The [Car Contact Penalty] is not working.
  - When the [Penalty Settings]is changed, the change notice is not notified correctly.

 - Kart
  - If the [Use Karts] Option in the Regulation setting is turned ON, and the [Flag Rule] in the penalty settings is also turned ON, the game will freeze.

 - Live Timing
 - The ‘Time Difference’ in the ‘Live Timing’ of the Final Race is currently the time difference with your own last lap, rather than the difference with the car in front and behind your car.

■ Arcade
 - If a player pits-in immediately after starting, the race positions of the cars may become incorrect.

■ Saves
 - When the save button is pressed to save, there are cases in which the transmission to the server fails.
This can be alleviated by playing the game for approximately 15 minutes after starting the game.

These issues are already planned to be fixed in the product version of Gran Turismo Sport.
We apologise for the inconvenience.

1.02 "Day One"

Players will have to download a sizable Gran Turismo Sport update in order to play Polyphony Digital’s simulation racer online. The day one patch, which is Gran Turismo Sport update 1.02, is 12.325 GB large. That’s a big patch, but one that is necessary if players want to go online.

Full Gran Turismo Sport update 1.02 patch notes aren’t available yet (we’ll update the post once they are available), but we do know it adds the following features:
  • All car data is updated in order to support rain conditions
  • Adds the opening movie
  • Several tweaks to level design
  • The reward sequence has been updated
  • Several bugs have been corrected

Known Issues (17.10.2017)

Known Issues (10/17/2017)


Issues planned to be fixed in the next update

- An issue wherein there's excessive force feedback strength when using the Thrustmaster T500RS steering controller causing understeer (this will be addressed at a later date);

- An issue wherein the steering speed sensitivity when using a standard DUALSHOCK®4 is not high enough, making it hard to handle cars while oversteering and drifting (this will be addressed at a later date);

In Progress Issue

■ Game Save
- An issue wherein manually saving your data will occasionally result in failure due to a communication issue with the server;
- This can be mitigated by playing the game for approximately 15 minutes before attempting to save your progress.

■ Email Address Deletion
- An issue wherein repeatedly deleting your email address from [Options] > [Email Address] will cause the game to crash.

■ Drift Trial
- An issue wherein participating in a Drift Trial with a car featuring an exterior livery created with a custom colour chip would result in the game crashing after the result screen.

■ Steering Controller
- The H Pattern Shifter THRUSTMASTER® TH8A is not recognised when connected to the steering controller.
This issue will be fixed shortly, however please connect the peripheral directly via USB to the PlayStation®4 until this problem is resolved.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused to our players.


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