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Endlich kommt auch Gehirnjogging auf die Switch:
Erscheint am 27.12.2019 in Japan, EU und Rest der Welt gibts noch keinen Termin.

Cool! Hoffentlich bringt Nintendo das auch für den Westen heraus! Habe damals die Vorgänger auf dem DS und dem 3DS (Diabolisches Gehirntraining) sehr viel gespielt.

Anmerkung: Ist allerdings eines der wenigen Spiele, die mit der Nintendo Switch Lite nicht funktionieren werden.
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Im Detail:

Ver. 1.1.1 (Released October 9, 2019)
  • Fixed an issue in which you wouldn't be able to save your data and the game would hang if you saved a damage log and your save data exceeded 4096 KB.
    [*]Fixed an issue in which, if you canceled your ready status the instant that you launch, your friends would be able to join with the other players in the room through the Friend List.
    [*]Fixed an issue in which client-side players would be unable to move if the host accessed an object immediately after disconnecting.
    [*]Fixed an issue in multiplayer in which a player who was revived via a reboot would be unable to move if they let go of the button the instant that the reboot was completed.
    [*]Fixed an issue in which Arc Gun attacks would fail if used while a shield was in use.
    [*]Fixed an issue in multiplayer in which a player would be unable to enter an Arsenal immediately after rebooting.
    [*]Fixed an issue in which attacks with certain attacks with the Mirage such as "Gaia Ray" wouldn't fire.
    [*]Fixed an issue in which the game wouldn't transition to Snipe Mode if the player had sniper rifles equipped on both arms and was holding a car.
    [*]Fixed an issue in which damage would occasionally not be counted from attacking the wings of Nightmare with melee weapons if the weak spots on the wings were not exposed.
    [*]Fixed an issue in which a client-side player would hang if their internet connection was interrupted when the countdown was at 1 second.
    [*]Fixed an issue in which the connection to other players would frequently drop after clearing a mission in an online Co-op Play room.
    [*]Fixed an issue in which you would hang if you tried to join a Friend's lobby immediately after losing your internet connection.
    [*]Fixed an issue that would cause several other problems such as camera remaining pulled-back when an arm was destroyed in the process of a punch attack.
    [*]Fixed an issue in which you couldn't skip equipment acquisition time after having cleared a mission by yourself in Co-op Play.
    [*]Fixed an issue in which you couldn't land an attack with melee weapons on the weak point of Gunfort's Laser Cannon.
    [*]Fixed an issue in which you were able to swap Femto Armaments while the Assault Shift gauge was being consumed.
    [*]Fixed an issue in which the purchase prices of several boss weapons were inconsistent.
    [*]Fixed an issue in which the camera would exhibit unintended behavior if the gyro sensor sensitivity was greater than 0 and you returned to the game from the HOME Menu.
    [*]Fixed an issue which caused a lot of slowdown in Snatcher battles in Co-op Play.
    [*]Fixed an issue that would cause multiple effects when the area-over countdown wouldn't stop and reached 0 if you died outside of the yellow area.
    [*]Fixed an issue in which all players would hang if the host chose to Exit Battle while a client-side player temporarily lost their connection.
    [*]Fixed an issue in which Bolt would not call drones in its second form.
    [*]Fixed an issue in which, when returning from the outside of the yellow boundary to the inside of it, the area over countdown would continue even while you're unable to move if you cross the yellow boundary while pushing through the height limit.
    [*]Fixed an issue in the multiplayer Co-op Play mission "Destroy Gunfort RT: α", in which nothing would happen when Nightmare called supporting AI.
    [*]Fixed an issue in Co-op Play in which Skip only functioned on the guest-side if you transitioned single player due to an interrupted connection during the equipment-acquisition time.
    [*]Fixed an issue in Co-op Play in which the fact that you left the battle wouldn't be displayed in the chat log on the guest-side screen when you disconnect.
    [*]Fixed an issue in the Offer Mission "Outer Compatibility Test" , in which a forced reshuffling wouldn't occur if you hadn't crossed the blue boundary the third time you failed.
    [*]Fixed an issue in multiplayer in which Outer Traps and Grenades would be fully replenished if a guest got into and out of an Arsenal.
    [*]Fixed an issue in which, after you used some ammunition and acquired an additional magazine during a mission and then you got more of the same type of ammunition in a drop item, it wouldn't fill up your additional magazine. Also fixed an issue in which an unintended amount of ammunition would be recovered if you acquired ammunition through a drop item OR you acquired an additional magazine for a weapon that uses bullets based on the number of seconds you used a weapon such as Laser Cannon.
    [*]Fixed an issue when you played multiplayer as a guest in which the people you played with wouldn't be displayed in the Nintendo Switch system's "Users You Have Played With" section.
    [*]Fixed an issue in which you needed to clear 41 missions despite the text saying "Reward: Completed 40 Missions" when obtaining the title "Breaker".
    [*]Fixed an issue in Co-op Play in which the same room would be displayed several times.
    [*]Fixed an issue in which two players repeatedly getting into and out of each others' Arsenals and rearranging the position equipment would cause problems like ammunition amounts being incorrect or weapons disappearing.
    [*]Fixed an issue in which the "HAW-RF00 Rumble Order" information would not be displayed in the Friend List profile and play log.
    [*]Fixed an issue in online Co-op Play in which you wouldn't be able to resume battling if the equipment acquisiton time started while battling was disabled.
    [*]Fixed an issue in online Co-op Play in which VP, parts, and ammunition wouldn't recover if you were out of your Arsenal when the equipment-acquisition time began.
    [*]Raised the max setting for gyro and camera sensitivity.
    [*]Fixed an issue in which gyro control was enabled in the hangar.