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Sag mal bescheid B.K. hätte sogar einen LvL 9 charakter von meiner PES 2008 ID.^^ Würde aber lieber mit einem anderen spielen. Hab wenig Zeit im Moment und so spät abends penn ich immer ein... aber wenn ich Online bin, spiele ich eig. fast nur MGO/MGS :)
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Metal Gear Online shuttering today

Just a reminder that Metal Gear Online, the optional multiplayer component of 2008 release Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, is closing down forever today. The third-person team shooter fills us with fond memories of ridiculously long download times, irritating registration requirements and being shouted at by player character drill sergeants before you were allowed to actually play, and will be sorely missed. Possibly. Visit Konami’s announcement page for more information, and while you’re there, notice the mention of “this iteration of Metal Gear Online”. Hello, imminent Metal Gear Online 2 announce?


I am a bot ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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Ihr könnt wieder spielen!

Metal Gear Online 2 [MGS4] playable on original PS3 Firmware (again)

Since it's shutdown on 12.06.2012 Metal Gear Online 2 was only playable on CFW (Costume Firmware) / Jailbroken PS3 systems.
Now, after years of waiting, the team from SaveMGO.com finally made it!

I'm proud to announce that we here at SaveMGO finally have MGO2 working on Official Firmware, along with MGO's final version, the 1.36 update!

This means that anyone on official firmware, meaning any PS3 console, will soon be able to play MGO2.
This is accomplished by restoring a custom backup from USB.
This method uses files to spoof MGS4's Game Data version to 2.00, to circumvent the Trophy update, and to replace the URLs within the game to connect to our servers.
This update will include the 1.36 update, as we currently aren't able to use the original in-game updater.
All you will need is a USB flashdrive with enough space for the backup (about 6GB, may increase later), and a copy of NA MGS4 or EU MGS4.

At this time, we only have the 1.36 update for NA and EU, but if you have the 1.36 update for JP MGS4 or JP MGO, then please contact us.
The game is still region-locked but we will be looking into methods to bypass the lock.

In addition, we have also figured out they key to getting 1.36 working again.
If you remember, this update changed Drebin prices, changed skills, increased runner speeds, added anti-cheating measures, and removed the lag nade (invisible grenade) phenomenon.
MGO2 update 1.36 changelog:


Vermutlich nur möglich weil das nicht/kaum mit dem PSN zusammenhängt.

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