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Sequence of events:

  • Issue discovered and E3 alerted in Feb
  • No action was taken in response
  • Someone reached out to indie journalist (Sophie)
  • She alerted the site, no action
  • She reached out to someone at vice, who reported it again
  • The link was removed from the site, but the file was not
  • Sophie broke the story, under the impression the issue was fixed technically
  • Sophie broke the story becuse she had legitimate proof the list was already out there in someones hands and the victims had not been notified
  • Unfortunately when Sophie broke the story, the file still being hosted there meant people could view the 'cached' webpage
  • On the cached webpage the link still worked (because the file was still there)
  • The file was pulled, circulated and archived as a 'doxx'
  • KF, 8ch, 4ch, reddit linked to the file
  • KF, 8ch, 4ch now being blamed for the initial doxx
  • Sophie being harassed for breaking the story
  • Most of the larger/well know names had business addresses and business phones
  • Some of the smaller indies and youtubers used personal addresses
  • A good portion used personal numbers
  • Some have received prank calls already and/or calls saying their personal data is in the public domain
  • Reality is most of this twitter stuff is reacting like these are foreign affair journalists or political correspondents conversing with dissidents and their cover is blown. Most have a layer of protection and those who don't will have to deal with a period of uncomfortability. Most of those who have actual personal details are too small to be irrelevant and aside from prank calls will have little to deal with either. The far bigger issue here is the inaction and the motive of keeping the file public and the relationship between the press and E3 going forward. It's also interesting to see the outlets without press passes.
That last point might seem a bit blunt or unsympathetic. But contextually it's probably accurate. I empathise with those getting calls from asshats but in most cases changing their number and dealing with some random pizza deliveries etc. will be the main outcome. For those like Geoff who seems to have used his parent address well that increases the scope for mischief given his profile. I can understand people being furious and feeling vulnerable but the reaction seems to (again) be hastily trying to let the social media world that 'yes, I was affected and yes, I fear for my life!!'.


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“ESA was made aware of a website vulnerability that led to the contact list of registered journalists attending E3 being made public. Once notified, we immediately took steps to protect that data and shut down the site, which is no longer available. We regret this this occurrence and have put measures in place to ensure it will not occur again.”

Angeblich wurden sie im Februar informiert, und die Datei lag einfach für jeden zugänglich auf dem Webserver.

Zuletzt editiert:
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Ich verstehe nur nicht warum du das hier gepostet hast:

denn es handelt sich mMn nicht um einen allgemeinen Trend, sondern um viele Fehler die Bethesda und das Dev-Team gemacht haben.

1) Budget: Wolfenstein II war angeblich nicht sonderlich erfolgreich -> Budget beim Standalone vermutlich sehr begrenzt
2) Experimente mit neuen Elementen, aber mir begrenzten Mittel und mit einem anderen Studio das die Engine nicht kennt -> unausgegorene RPG-Elemente, unausgegorene Openworld-Elemente
3) neues Setting und Koop unter den Begrenzungen von 1) & 2) -> 80er die man nicht sieht + Wiederverwendung von Level & Elementen im Spiel wo es nur geht ohne zuviel anpassen zu müssen
Trotz Overdrive und Fuse waren die in meinen Augen immer ein Sony Studio und der Schritt hätte auch gerne viel früher kommen können.
Nach dem sensationellen Erfolg von Spidey war es womöglich der nächst logische Schritt.

Gegen neue Resistance, Ratchet and Clank, Spyro (sofern man sich mit Activision einigt) oder Spidey (ein Nachfolger war doch schon gesichert?) Games hätte ich nichts einzuwenden.