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Standard Neues Shutokou Battle aka Tokyo Xtreme Racer aka Tokyo Highway Challenge ?

Ich mach den Thread mal hier auf weil die Sache sehr ungewiss ist:

Genki hat in letzter Zeit angedeutet an ein neues Shutokou Battle aka Tokyo Xtreme Racer aka Tokyo Highway Challenge zu denken.

Alle Infos sind auf japanisch was die Sache nicht verständlicher macht

Ich habe diesen Artikel http://www.4gamer.net/games/054/G005495/20150724104/ mal durch Google Translate gejagt, hier eine Art Fazit:
Officially nothing has been announced in this interview that asked about the sequel of "capital high battle" series. Of course, it would have been hard to answer, but as it is in Hamachi's remarks, is the same series for Genki "The most important IP", it has been transmitted willingness to that revival is high. I want to focus a great deal on the future trends.
Und hier der ganze Text:
Home> OTHERS> race> Shutokou Battle X
2015/08/01 00:00

We hear the spirited was collaboration as "Strikes Back - in the metropolitan area Battle 4 to not a 4" J2 League planning history of the "capital high battle" series. And the possibility of the series resurrected?

Editorial: MU Photographer: Shuji Sasaki
I wonder remember the "capital high battle" series.
As its name suggests, it is possible racing game in which the public roads, including the capital city high on the stage, has been released from 1994 to 13 titles consumer machines and for the PC through 2006. Then, although the feature phones and smartphones application is delivered, new in 1997 near a game machine has not been released, it would not be unreasonable even did not know the young readers.

Metropolitan Battle X
Was released in 2006, "Capital High Battle X" (Xbox 360) Shutokou Battle X Shutoko Battle X

Such Genki was responsible for the development of "capital high battle" series (brand name: Genki) have participated in the planning of the J-League this season (2015). And its planning, 4 club that belongs to the J2 League (Omiya Ardija, JEF United Ichihara Chiba, Tokyo Verdy, Yokohama FC) "Strikes Back - in the metropolitan area Battle 4 to not a 4" joint promotion.
If you leave the description just to be sure, the Tokyo metropolitan area to four club both (Saitama, Chiba, Tokyo, Kanagawa Prefecture) is headquartered, the common point of rival club in the same area belongs to J1 League I have. In other words, by the fact that "four teams of more not a J1", has become such a naming.

Metropolitan Battle X Shutoko Battle X

[Strikes Back of the Tokyo metropolitan area Battle 4 to not a 4 to] 7/22 Omiya × Yokohama FC mascot showdown
Clik to Play
Clik to Play

Metropolitan Battle and the Tokyo metropolitan area battle. In the wake of the naming of the character differences, raised the name of nostalgic racing game on Twitter, it seems to have evolved from there to this collaboration. History of this area, at the time the plan was announced, since the J-League fans have been introduced in the familiar site "Domesakaburogu", would have also know of people. By the way, it is a mouth I also knew in Domesakaburogu.

At this time 4Gamer, game makers and professional football too much collaboration of is unlikely both of contact that league for the history of until realized, it was decided to ask the Hamachi Takashi is a healthy person in charge. It just "I 4Gamer, When did you? Are dealing with news of soccer from" may seem a. Perhaps, it might be the author is called to the Grand Poobah of the editorial department.
The area is worry. Of course, since've been stuck in the possibility of capital high battle "resurrected", human fate of the series is in the mind, I want you to come through the eye.

"Tokyo metropolitan area Battle 4 to not a 4 Strikes Back -" official site
Genki official site

The first place of beginning to support Omiya
"Let's do something Tsubuyakou and because similar to the capital high battle"

Takashi Mr. Genki game Division assistant producer Hamachi. As it can be seen from the emblem of the left chest, supporters of Shonan Bellmare
Thank you today.
First of all, please tell me the responsible business of Hamachi's.

Hamachi Takashi (below, Hamachi Mr.):
At the time you joined cheerfully it has been assigned to the department of sales promotion, while to assume there is also this also with a variety of work, and Yara's currently doing anything on your own (laughs). Or assistant as project turn smoothly as an assistant producer, but are you or responsible for user support, it is hard to explain the contents of the clearly work.

As part of the promotional activities, do your company's official Twitter has also been in charge.

Hamachi said:
That's right. Initially we have opened an account, and I was thinking about public relations operational under the President management, but the information to be quite outgoing without any .... Where they offer "Do Let's take-off", it is the flow of current to reach.

As Twitter becomes the beginning, J League planning but I think to have been participating in the "Strikes Back - in the metropolitan area Battle 4 to not a 4", Can you explain the background again.

Hamachi said:
Even now become, or rather not known whether ...... I both also well why are you involved, got accident like a in what (laughs).
First place in the beginning, when the "metropolitan area Battle 4" was announced on March 2, it is that it was told from Omiya Ardija supporter of us as "something Tsubuyakou will and because similar to the capital high battle" I. So, "" Capital high battle "does not incur any relationship to the" metropolitan area Battle 4 ". (Laughs)" and I was gone tweeted.

Did you then (laughs).

Hamachi said:
It or been featured in "Domesakaburogu"'s article, it is possible that you or been tweeted an image titled "Tokyo metropolitan area Battle (image)", it seems to be at once diffusion.
By the way, it is called "nefarious Kola" the image is consistently at our company (laughs).

And its image, the screenshot was released in 2005, "Capital High Battle" (PSP), Aldi (Omiya Ardija mascot) and Jefi (JEF United Ichihara Chiba mascot) is It is what has been collage.

Hamachi said:
Yeah. Once again this, I have Retweet inadvertently. Then, "Metropolitan Battle sequel is coming out of?" "New, waiting has been," such as I came to a large number of the reply arrives.
And the next day to (March 3) is, if there are phone call from Staff of Yokohama FC, I thought it was honestly "What had come ......".

Then, it seems the meeting has taken place, but what I have been the story or.

Hamachi said:
In the meeting of the seat, I received a story called "because it is a good opportunity," I hope can collaborate by utilizing the capital high battle. '" Therefore, in the form of our company is to produce a promotional poster, and I was supposed to be allowed to cooperate in the planning.
By the way, 4 club of catchphrase, the ones that made the beginning of the collaboration Omiya Ardija supporters thought, I have brought from the phrase of Chant (cheering songs by supporters).

Metropolitan Battle X

In fact, the first design proposals have little different, 4 club mascot could those waging the race riding a vehicle. "Exactly Shutoko Battle" Although I was feeling, not get permission from the automaker's now shelved (wry smile).

After that, it is not that this collaboration has been officially announced on April 10 (related article).

Hamachi said:
To call a collaboration, because still "collaboration feeling" is weak, it though is where you suffer a ...... you trying to do now.
This until the event of planning, which was held at the stadium, the thing that basically club side has been carried out at the initiative. We have asked on the day, it has become a form and such am allowed to cooperation.

We are asked to entertain the stadium and event reports (laughs).

Hamachi said:
The project is currently in progress, the game before the start of the "Yokohama FC and Tokyo Verdy," to be held at the NHK Spring Mitsuzawa Playing Field on August 8 (18:00 kick-off), "Tokyo Xtreme Racer 3" of the (PS2) We will hold a tournament game.
Here has been put out a release, but Tokyo Kanagawa by "between the space create self 遊空", we have conducted a time attack qualifying (related article).

Then, also it is scheduled race showdown by both club mascot. This reflects the game of video to large vision, ask running in design car of each club.

Its design car, or thing that has been produced for this project.

Hamachi said:
It is produced in the body paint features that are installed in the "Tokyo Xtreme Racer 3". However, because it is not a ready-to-capture specification image data, while confirming both the club logo or emblem, I was completed by specifying by one dot (laughs).

Unveiling I look forward to.
By the way, Mr. Hamachi I'm a supporter of Shonan Bellmare.

Hamachi said:
Because I thought I heard it, and has been wearing a polo shirt of the club official (laughs).
Game of "metropolitan area Battle 4" is the feeling that I want to win even funny story, but any club. Because their support to that club and involved there is no game, it is really interesting (※).

※ Shonan Bellmare the J1 league affiliation.

9 years, we continue to silence "Shutoko Battle" series
Whether this collaboration is the signs of revival?

This time, the fact that it has been participating in the planning of the "metropolitan area Battle 4", I think the person who saw the name of the "capital high battle" for the first time in a long time in many cases. So, as you said earlier, you can either but I think that reply on the sequel of the series was flooded, Will the hit was not a concern.

"Shutoko Battle X"
Hamachi said:
That's it was not. Since it was launched in 2006, "Capital High Battle X" (Xbox 360), because it was the situation that is not out new work of nine years near the series, in order to float the name of "capital high battle" from the past, something and I thought I had no choice but to.
So, I thought, "This might be utilized in this" at the time that was involved in this project.

However, it has not been announced for the presence of new or sequel. In reply of Twitter we have answered, "scheduled to be determined."

Hamachi said:
Because it is a fact, it is not forced to answer so. However, it also has the answer with a "made to want to snaffle" as a personal hope.

In other words, if this degree of attention "capital high battle" to the machine goes up, do you not considered that bud of resurrection comes out.

"Wangan Midnight PLAYSTATION 3 the Best"
(C) 2007 GENKI
Original / Michiharu Kusunoki "Wangan Midnight" (Kodansha "Young Magazine" series)
(C) Michiharu Kusunoki / Kodansha
Hamachi said:
...... You might likely (laughs).
"Capital High Battle" series has stopped at 2006, but Microsoft has released years "Wangan Midnight" the (PS3) 2007. Thanks to the current sale is also, or are sold anywhere in the country, so know the data, such as whether they are selling to any layer, about whether or not the "capital high battle" of the same race game is in business also , I'm going to know comparatively.
However, we currently have gotten the work of OEM (be entrusted with the development of third-party products) from various quarters, here it is well. It has continued free situation where there is not the staff, It is reality is that they do not tackled hard in new software development of its own brand.

Per that is What reasons for the sequel of "capital high battle" series did not put out nearly nine years.

Hamachi said:
First place at the time of the "Wangan Midnight" was released in 2007, as a subsequent deployment, you should have an eye to the PS3 version "capital high battle". However, there is also a change in the company organization in its timing, there is also OEM of flow, It is felt that the project as it is suspended.
In fact, there was a query for the IP of the "capital high battle" from a number of corporations (intellectual property rights), when the revived our company developed in-house in the future, to release the title, "capital high battle" is The not at hand is to say that would be bad, we have finally refused.

Either it is that there is a willingness to revive the series.

Hamachi said:
It does not deny as a company.
Now, in retrospect, "Shutoko Battle X" is a wonder if made what the user is not required. I think that it did not understand properly the "play the way" of the user.

And, when you say?

Hamachi said:
For example, was released in 2003, "Tokyo Xtreme Racer 3", the office worker often Shinjuku and it is well selling of in Ikebukuro, but it was dull in the Akihabara of strong image to the gamer. Of course, age is also in slightly higher, in the opinions that were received'm there were many things that "is good where there is a short one play time."
"SP Battle" (※) Unlike typical racing game, without having to finish a certain number of laps and of course, to expand the difference between the opponent and win if scraping the "SP" (spirit points). In other words, where you can play in a short period of time like a puzzle game, I think that was hooked to the needs of working people gamer.
"Shutoko Battle X" in that respect, or rather carefully can play content to sit down, and that it was shifted to a conventional racing game closer to the line, I feel like the support of the fans was not obtained.

※ most orthodox race format of "capital high battle" series.

I just hope the production of the sequel that takes advantage of such remorse, but has been a tweet to be worried about in the official Twitter. Although it is a euphemistically, but it is what cameos the possibility of a sequel.

Hamachi said:
Previously, when they are asked, "" Do not go out sequel of capital high battle "?" In Twitter, "If it is tens of thousands times and retweets, immediately put out you'll" but I was a reply such. Then, it is like crazy retweets, there was a thing that arrived a large amount of notification e-mail after another. This is that bad, it is something which was again tweet.

In fact, I think there is movement towards the production of the sequel.

Hamachi said:
Such as the opinions and requests that were received from everyone we have read all. Pick up those that capitalize from that in the next deployment, It is a stage that you are together.
By the tweet, there is no excuse for those who sequel of production it has been misunderstood and decided, is "expected to be determined" in the sequel at the moment.
However, the future, through the activities of Twitter and the "metropolitan area Battle 4", continue to spread awareness of "capital high battle", to the point where it becomes finally put out the new work will not take into view.

It is that possibility is there.
By the way, how is the current retweets number is 5000 a little less than (※), What about that number.

Hamachi said:
Honest, I have been disappointed (laughs).
To take a new step, not still boost is enough. As I mentioned earlier, "capital high battle" is the most important IP that is owned by our company. for personnel and budget, are aspects such as timing did not fit well, for a long time, although it did not in form, there was always conscious and that "I want to put out a new work" it is.
However, because there is a past that was not obtained the user's support in the "capital high battle X" or mobile app version, it is even true when the next can not fail has become cautious.

I got it.
Lastly, Will we say also look forward to future developments.

Hamachi said:
Should in that it has collaborated in this kind of form there is any meaning, it became an opportunity to get to know the name of the "capital high battle" to many people. We will not afford to not take advantage Now that happens. At some timing, so we believe to be able to properly form, please for your time for a while.

Thank you for your time today.

Metropolitan Battle X

Officially nothing has been announced in this interview that asked about the sequel of "capital high battle" series. Of course, it would have been hard to answer, but as it is in Hamachi's remarks, is the same series for Genki "The most important IP", it has been transmitted willingness to that revival is high. I want to focus a great deal on the future trends.

On the other hand, J2 league in implementation "Strikes Back - in the metropolitan area Battle 4 to not a 4" just entered the middle game. Omiya Ardija can be said that the runaway leaders, would not that is still safe. Of course, JEF United Ichihara Chiba and Tokyo Verdy, Yokohama FC also aim to close the playoffs is the immediate goal (within the 6-position), it will continue to be the fight that it will not come out of the mind.
4 club each other to clash object game of "metropolitan area Battle 4", are five games scheduled for later in August. People who know the planning this paper to machine also, I want you to go to visit us in the stadium.

The dates Fixtures venue
August 8 (Sat) Yokohama FC and Tokyo Verdy NHK Spring Mitsuzawa ball game field
August 23 (Sun) Yokohama FC and JEF United Ichihara Chiba NHK Spring Mitsuzawa ball game field
September 23 (Wed) Tokyo Verdy vs. Omiya Ardija Ajinomoto Stadium
September 27 (Sun) Omiya Ardija vs. JEF United Ichihara Chiba NACK5 Stadium Omiya
November 8 (Sun) JEF United Ichihara Chiba vs. Tokyo Verdy Fukuda Denshi Arena

In addition, as a new project, Koraboka of JEF United Ichihara Chiba Prefecture that spirited was responsible for the design has been announced. Today's (August 1) held "JEF United Ichihara Chiba vs. Tokushima Vortis" (Venue: Fukuda Denshi Arena) is unveiling at, it's about the plans also to actually sell.

"Tokyo metropolitan area Battle 4 to not a 4 Strikes Back -" official site
Genki official site
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We hear the spirited was collaboration as "Strikes Back - in the metropolitan area Battle 4 to not a 4" J2 League planning history of the "capital high battle" series. And the possibility of the series resurrected?
Racing game "capital high battle" and J2 league "metropolitan area Battle" is a collaboration

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Metropolitan Battle X
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Shutokou Battle PSP the Best
Sasaki Shuji


(C) 2006 GENKI


(C) 2005 GENKI

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Metropolitan Battle X
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Price: ¥ 25,800 (Amazon) / 6700 円 (Yahoo)
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Tokyo Xtreme Racer 3
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February 2015 - August 2015

Der Thread zu dem Thema bei GPlanet. Dort war/ist auch ein japanischer User unterwegs, allerdings mit schlechten Englischkenntnissen .
* Although confirmed the rules for posting in the forums, I will apologize if if this also for such hits the ad.

Do you remember the "Tokyo Xtreme Racer (Shutokou Battle)"?

The "Import Tuner Challenge (Shutokou Battle X)" was released in the Xbox 360 last series is lost, it's made in Japan racing game.
Genki Co., Ltd., which has created these series, and closed was racing game development department "GRP (Genki Racing Project)", the historic series also appeared on whether extinct.
However, it may be lit is the green light to the revival of the Tokyo Xtreme Racer.
Genki has issued such a statement in the company's official twitter account.


English translation: If you want to put out a new work "Shutokou Battle" in Co. Genki, please Retweet this!
Opinions and requests to the new "Shutokou Battle" We also look forward to!
(If a number of retweets gather, it becomes the green light to the development!)

Now racing games development costs soaring, it's high hurdle for small companies such as Genki.
However, Genki understands that it is the work that this work is representative of the company, also knows that if the voice of fans gather "it" becomes the green light to the new development.
(Although there is a unique story, in Japan's about began to collaboration planning of the this year, professional soccer league and Tokyo Xtreme Racer of the Japan)

I am not a separate company officials.
However, I just like the Tokyo Xtreme Racer.

I earlier, there is a thread of the "Tokyo Xtreme Racer" in this GT Planet, where views of the new hot debate know that it had been done.
It may be rude to ask, but want to borrow the power of people of the GT Planet.
It is not want to ask that separate complex.
Genki was posted on the official twitter account, sign the activities overlooking the simply by new production to Retweet tweets for questionnaire is completed.

Long, and thanks to that it was me reading my poor English using translation software.
Also, want to have a lot of signing any one person.
If So if you wish the new of the Tokyo Xtreme Racer, I want you to tell this signature activities to your friend.
Auf der Liste der PS4 Entwickler war Genki, keine Ahnung was die sonst evtl. in Japan noch machen.
Das (alte) Genki Racing Project wurde vor längerer Zeit geschlossen.

Das Auto wird über eine Tombola o.ä. verlost:


Wie gesagt alles ein wenig vage, aber irgendwas in die Richtung scheint sich zu bewegen.

30fps is not "very smooth" it's a fucking slideshow. || Give me 60fps or give me death!

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