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+ Lightning is able to switch Paradigms with L and R.
+ She is able to use the Command, Ravager, and Medic roles.
+ The soundtrack is double the size of the previous Dissidia.
+ There is mention of a four-player mode, though it could be two characters being switched in and out.
+ There will be a four-character Assist System; two players use two characters each.
+ Funda Sugawara will be narrarating the Japanese version.
+ Kain Highwind from Final Fantasy IV will be voiced by Koichi Yamadera. (Spike Spiegel in Cowboy Bebop)
+ Every character in the original Dissidia will return.
+ Your saved data from Dissidia: Final Fantasy will carry over, but Nomura wouldn’t divulge details.
+ There will be many new characters, not just three or four.
+ The game’s Story Mode will be different from it’s predecessor, currently it’s top-secret.
+ The orange bars below the character’s health bar pertain to Assist System.
+ Pressing L+○ or L+□ will execute an brave or HP Assist, and consume one segment of the orange Assist bar.
+ Pressing ↓L+○ will execute a Brave Assist attack, and consume one segment of the orange Assist bars.
+ Pressing L+□ will execute a HP Assist attack, and consume two segments of the orange Assist bars.
+ Nomura hints at adding more original NES music into the game.
+ All the maps from the original game will return.
+ There will be new Summons.
+ The ’012′ in Duodecim’s title pertains to a specific and important story element.
+ Nomura says that the final build of the game will be playable “soon”.
+ The playable build at TGS will include new features that may impress fans.
+ All current characters and new characters will have a third alternate look

Even more breaking updates!
+ Lightning’s Healer paradigm was designed to heal Brave points, and recovers a small amount upon use.
+ Some of the characters in Dissidia are changed almost entirely in battle. Firion is an example.
+ The team wants you to enjoy the third alternate outfits for characters, especially Garland.
+ Weapons and armor have been re-balanced, and will include bonuses to the Assist System.
+ There are many new maps that include locations from the franchise, but new ones as well.
+ Orphan’s Cradle from Final Fantasy XIII will be a map.
+ The battle theme from Final Fantasy XIII is in, and will be remixed by Takeharu Ishimoto.
+ Kain Highwind’s moniker is “Position Maker”, and he is able cancel and connect aerial Brave combos.
+ Kain’s battle style will naturally have the player doing a lot of jumping and moving over terrain.
+ Lightning’s moniker is “Optima Commander” as she makes use of three different battle styles.
+ Her Ex-Burst is called Scene Break/Army of One.
+ Lightning is able to use Scene Break/Army of One in EX-Mode.
+ Her Ex-Bust involves summoning Odin and entering Gestalt Mode.
+ The TGS demo will have three difficulty modes: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.
+ Popular characters with a good direction of how to implement them in battle are chosen for Dissidia.
+ Kain and Lightning will have and alternate form based on Yoshitaka Amano’s artwork.
+ Kain has a HP attack called “Gungnir” that will strike his opponent and restore his HP.
+ In a conversation with Cecil, Kain says that “They are right, and you will lose this battle when you tire.”
+ Lightning is called a traitor by the Warrior of Light, as she looks upon Cosmos with scrutiny.
+ She has an attack named “Impact Break” in her Commando paradigm.
+ After completing Universal Tuning, Nomura and Takahashi expressed interest in expanding Dissidia further, and Duodecim was greenlit.

Im Link gibt es 2 Videos und scans
Wol vs Squall Wol hat eine neue HP Attacke
Kain vs Cecil
Kains Limit geht ab!

Was ich noch gehört habe ..
Angeblich wird mann den Kingdom Hearts Cloud für Dissidia runterladen können Skin!
kA ob es was kosten wird ...schätze schon

Echt geil freu mich auf Dissidia 2
und meine 200h+ gehen auch nicht verloren, dann versuche ich noch den Rest im 1ser zu machen

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