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-The way they changed the game engine in general is that it's less driven by animation. Which has resulted in big improvements to responsiveness, how easily the game switches between different types of gameplay, and the environment of the game. A comparison....the map of AC:Syndicate is less than 10% of the size of AC:Origins map...

-Unlike past AC games the climbing system now allows for almost any surface to be climbable. Including rock faces and mountains.

- A big focus was put on mounts to make exploration more enjoyable. Chariots are drivable, the players will be able to drift with them and they're very useful in open areas. Players will be able to sideswipe a horse and knock the driver off with the side of the chariot.

-There will be a few major cities in the game, Alexandria being one of them.
Alexandria will be a modernized and engineered city. The player will feel that kind of "organization" in the city while the older cities will feel more organic and chaotic

-Climbing the pyramids will not be a quick task. It will take time and effort and there will also be a navigation puzzle that the player will have to go through to actually reach the top.

-There will be no inventory limit in the game. You can hold two bows and two melee weapons at any given time, specific example mentioned that he's seen players switch between swords with two different attributes. Inventory is thankfully easy to sort.

-There is no weapon durability but you will have to find higher level loot with higher rarities. Specifically there are 160 unique weapons in the game all with varying attributes like poison or fire damage.
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