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EA Sports Officially Announce Free World Cup Expansion Mode And It Looks Incredible

Available to download from 29 May on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One by anyone who has FIFA 18, it will contain the official 2018 World Cup mode, a custom FIFA World Cup tournament, as well as FIFA World Cup Ultimate Team - the latter mode coming with a slew of all-new icons who have lit up the tournament over the years.

All 32 qualified nations are on the game for you to play out the tournament yourself, while you can even add in the likes of Chile, Italy and the USA with a Custom tournament if you fancy.

Moreover, the 12 Stadiums being used from 14 June onwards are all featured, as is the official trophy and match-ball - with the sensational graphics and broadcasting courtesy of the Frostbite engine taking the game's realistic feel to a whole new level.

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