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Battlefield 4 shown behind closed doors!

Battlefield 4 doesn’t officially exist, but that hasn’t stopped EA touring it behind closed doors.

“Got to see Battlefield 4 today and all I can say is wow. Thanks EA for the sneak peek. Can’t wait for you all to see it,” GameStop CEO J Paul Raines commented via the retail chain’s official Twitter account.

The tweet has not been deleted and EA’s own Twitter account retweeted it, suggesting both companies were comfortable dropping the information.

Battlefield 4 – or at least, a new Battlefield game of some kind – is kind of an open secret, as EA has been clear about its plans to release a new shooter every year, with
Battlefield taking its turn biannually.

The really interesting question is what hardware the DICE effort will launch on; EA flat out admitted it has next-generation FIFA and Battlefield titles in the works during its recent financial report.

There is some confusion as to when the new Battlefield game will surface as EA mentioned in its financial call that it expects the launch”next year”. If that means fiscal 2014, it could be any time from March 2013 onwards, as EA’s financial year runs out of sync with the calendar.

If a new Battlefield turns up in the 2013 holidays, as EA’s regular shooter release pattern would suggest, it’s going to have quite a short PR cycle; I wonder what might have caused that? Just kidding – it’s because the hardware hasn’t been announced yet. Thanks for kicking that off, Sony.

Quelle: VG247

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Ziemlich viel Battlefield heute und das kurz vor der Sony Ankündigung, komisch oder?
Vielleicht sehen wir heute Battlefield 4 auf der Orbis/Playstation 4, ich wäre der erste der das Ding kauft Junge!

Battlefield will dominate next-gen as Call of Duty hits its peak, says Pachter

Battlefield will topple the Call of Duty franchise going into the next generation of consoles, according to Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter.

Speaking in the current issue of OXM, Pachter said, “The CoD franchise is at or near its peak annual sales potential, and we’ll likely see sales stabilise. Battlefield 4′s launching next autumn and new consoles are coming out, so this is likely to affect sales.

“It’s unlikely CoD will drop back to Earth in the next few years, as the online multiplayer audience and community is so strong. Activision could always make a mistake, but the franchise is so important to it that a serious error is unlikely. The biggest risk is consumer fatigue – but a few years ago CoD was a WWII shooter, and it morphed into Modern Warfare, then Black Ops. They will work hard to keep it fresh.”

EEDAR analyst Jesse Divnich told the site earlier, “While momentum is on CoD’s side, the opportunity to dethrone a market leader is highest as consumers transition cycles. We have faith CoD can hold its market dominance, but EA will push to solidify Battlefield as the premiere shooter franchise as we transition to new consoles.

It comes as Battlefield 4 has been shown to retailers behind closed doors.

Quelle: VG247

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