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crysmopompas 16.02.2013 14:34

Assetto Corsa

Aus Italien kommt ein weiterer Titel, der die Simulationsrennfahrer für sich gewinnen will:


Genre: Rennsimulation
Entwickler: KUNOS Simulazioni
Publisher der Konsolenversionen: 505 Games
Plattform: Windows/Steam, XB1, PS4
Release: 8. November 2013 (Early Access), 19. Dezember 2014 (v1.0, PC), 22.4.2016 2.6.2016 26.8.2016 (Konsolen)
Anzahl der Spieler: Singleplayer 1, Onlinemutliplayer abhänging von der Strecke und dem Server (PC), 24 16 (Konsole)
Auflösung/Framerate: PS4:1080p; XB1: 900p 1080p; 60fps
Kompatible Peripherie: Lenkräder

http://store.steampowered.com/app/244210 <= Early Access 1.0 ist da; 35€.

Entwickler Kunos hat in der Vergangenheit u.a. netKar PRO und Ferrari Virtual Academy produziert.

- Modding Support
- Lizenzierte Autos und Strecken
- Laserscan der Strecken
- soll 2013 erscheinen
- Plattform: Windows/DirectX

Folgende Fahrzeughersteller konnten gewonnen werden:

Alfa Romeo

Nürburgring GP
Nürburgring Nordschleife VLN (großes ?)
Spa (DLC)

=> Assetto Corsa Car and Track List

Hier eine Präsentation, englische Untertitel beachten:

Hinter dem Projekt steht ein relativ kleines Team:

- 1 Projektmanager
- 3 Programmierer
- 5 Artists (wobei alle Tracks von einer Person gemacht werden!)
- 1 Physikintegrator
- 1 Audioexperte
- 0 Game Designer :ugly:

Interview: http://www.racedepartment.com/2013/0...co-massarutto/

2016 erscheint auch eine Konsolenversion in Zusammenarbeit mit 505 Games!


a team in our studios is doing the console port.

crack-king 16.02.2013 14:57

Die werden doch nie fertig :ugly:

Ashe 16.02.2013 18:22



Zitat von crack-king (Beitrag 1285328)
Die werden doch nie fertig :ugly:

Zuviele Köche verderben den Brei ;)

Ashe 20.02.2013 19:12

Screenshot Gallery inkl. neue Pics aus der Techdemo :)


crysmopompas 21.02.2013 16:26

AC@Steam Greenlight

und ein neues Auto wurde enthüllt:


bastiHST 22.02.2013 19:03

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Ashe 22.02.2013 22:54

Ashe 23.02.2013 22:01

Ashe 27.02.2013 00:07

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Ashe 04.03.2013 19:31

Mal ein Video aus der Außenperspektive :)

crysmopompas 06.03.2013 21:46

Die schlechte Nachricht: Viel zu viel wird nur noch auf dem verfluchten Facebook verkündet.

Die gute Nachricht: Es gibt eine neue Lizenz: McLaren MP4-12c und MP4-12c GT3 kommen.

Kunos Simulazioni are delighted to announce a new milestone for Assetto Corsa’s licenced content: We are pleased to welcome McLaren!

This agreement allows the Kunos development team to enrich Assetto Corsa’s virtual garage with two of the most desirable GT cars: The McLaren MP4-12c and the MP4-12c GT3. We hope
this agreement can satisfy both the street car enthusiasts, and the simracing drivers who, with this addition, will get an amazing line-up for their GTR races in Assetto Corsa.

Marco Massarutto, Assetto Corsa's Project&Licensing Manager, commented:

"This addition proves our intention to continue to re-invest our earnings from netKar PRO with officially licensed content, and to bring the most desirable cars to Assetto Corsa. This licensing
agreement is for all the motorsports enthusiasts and simracers enjoying the AC Technology Preview demo, and also for all our new followers who decide to support us buying netKar PRO
in order to get the AC Technology Preview for free.

This is our way to thank all of you so much for the great response and feedback that gamers and simracers have provided to us from the AC Technology preview, which has exceeded our best expectations."

McLaren models will be provided as future additional contents, after the first release of Assetto Corsa. Stay tuned on Assetto Corsa's channels to check out details on the making of McLaren
car models!

crysmopompas 08.03.2013 17:00


From the Steam page comments....

Regarding Assetto Corsa's pricing:

Kunos Simulazioni [author] Feb 26, 2013 @ 4:21pm AC will have a single price for a great selection of cars and tracks. There will never be a subscription model. It will also be supported with additional content and features. Some of them will be free, some of them under a small fee depending of the costs of the license and the success AC will have on the market. We will soon give you a full official list of the cars & tracks as well as more details on pricing.

Regarding Assetto Corsa's career:

Kunos Simulazioni [author] Feb 26, 2013 @ 1:08am There is no career planed for now. All cars will be unlocked from start. You will be able to do championships offline and race weekends, but there is no career. Maybe we will add career scenarios later if everything goes according to plan.

Regarding Assetto Corsa's licences:

Kunos Simulazioni [author] Feb 26, 2013 @ 12:35am @[DDPH]chunkapie We got the licenses working very hard with great passion. I can assure you the car manufacturers at first didn't even wanted to talk with us, but we insisted and slowly, showing them demo after demo of the game they all started to be interested. We get all our money from old projects, invested on official content. We don't try to be rich, we just love this work and we just want to keep doing what we do. The only way to achieve this is by creating a quality project that people love and buy. No other way around it.
via http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showpost...&postcount=425

Der Zugriff auf die aktuelle Preview erfordert eine netKar Pro Lizenz, die es momentan vergünstigt für 5€ gibt.

crysmopompas 31.03.2013 13:51


Assetto Corsa updates:

Marco Massarutto confirmed Assetto Corsa's price range in an interview to gamemag.it, which will be situated somewhere between 39 and 49€. Like we knew, some DLC will be available for free, others will require a small fee.

Other news notes include:
  • A team of 15 people is working on the game at the moment. They are finalizing the collision system, the AI and the multiplayer.
  • The sound is to be improved compared to the TP's Lotus Elise.
  • A making of video documentary covering the four years of production will be published shortly after Assetto Corsa's release
  • AC 1.0 will contain 26 cars, 10 more will be available as DLC within a year.
  • Nordschleife... They want to scan it really badly, but the recent turn of events (the track went up for sale) is interfering with this project. They can't really find someone to negotiate with at the moment. They don't lose hope though.

Also, they don't want to rush the release since they want it to be perfect. Personally, I'm ok with that.

bastiHST 07.04.2013 16:58

Falscher Thread? :kopfkratz:

Ashe 17.05.2013 18:15


Ferrari 458 GT2

Assetto Corsa introduces the Ferrari 458 GT2. This car follows the 458 Italia and the F40, and is the third of the first five Ferraris announced for Assetto Corsa. Based on technical data provided by the technical department of Maranello, this awesome racing car has also been a subject of study and analysis on many occasions during tests held at Vallelunga Race circuit, where the Kunos Simulazioni's HQ is located. Feedback from the drivers and data analysis have been very important in order to reproduce this car with the maximum fidelity.
Quelle & Pics: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?...9475869&type=1

Ashe 22.05.2013 18:25

Assetto Corsa: Interview with Marco Massarutto


crysmopompas 22.05.2013 22:21

Great news: the fourth Ferrari is the 599XX EVO!

"KUNOS Simulazioni is glad to introduce the 599XX EVO, the fourth Ferrari revealed for Assetto Corsa. This car represents the extreme, racing evolution of Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano, with the same transaxle layout end engine type, and it is conceived for exclusive track use. It comes with 19” slick tyres , specifically developed to maximise stability in cornering and increase lateral acceleration.The Kunos devteam has decided to include this Ferrari in Assetto Corsa after seeing this extreme car in action at Vallelunga race circuit on many occasions"

Ashe 05.06.2013 20:23

flickr Gallery mit u.a. neuen McLaren MC12 (:kopfkratz:) Pics :)


crysmopompas 05.06.2013 22:20

MP4-12, MC12 war ein Maserati ;)

---------- Beitrag um 22:20 Uhr hinzugefügt ---------- Vorheriger Beitrag um 20:43 Uhr ----------


Regarding AC on PS4:

Me:Can you self-publish the AC on PS4 during the launch period as PSN indie-title. Revenue would be very big + DLC, any chance
Stefano:ya just need to recode the entire graphics engine, GUI, input, force feedback and who knows what else.. easy :D :D :D
Me:but the reward would be great :-). To bad it's that hard to port it to PS4. Nontheless looking forward for PC version :-)
Stefano:will definitely look into PS4.. after v1.0 and a looooooong vacation :P

crysmopompas 14.06.2013 15:27

Spa! :D (DLC bzw. Pre-Order Bonus :ugly:)
und Steam.

First of all, we would like to thank everyone who helped us to bring Assetto Corsa on Steam Greenlight. This result will allow us to guarantee a better support, regular updates, fast downloads and a lot of additional contents, just to mention some of the things that will come.
The next step is to complete the submission process in order to prepare our game for preorder and launch. This will require a bit of time so, as soon as we'll complete this process, we'll reveal all the information related to the release date, pricing, list of contents, features, preorder, system requirements, and so on. GRAZIE, thank you very much for your amazing support and for your patience.

Now, you surprised us, let us surprise you: we are proud to announce one of our favourite additions to Assetto Corsa, the circuit of SPA Francorchamps!

It's not just the most famous belgian circuit , but it is also a circuit full of history. It is one of the most challenging race tracks in the world, mainly due to its fast, elevated and twisty nature. Located near Francorchamps, it has hosted the Formula 1 grand prix since 1924, and it is still considered one of the best and most rewarding tracks in the world, thanks to legendary corners such Eau Rouge / Raidillon and many more. Marco Massarutto, our Project&Licensing Manager, commented:

“Spa-Francorchamps represents for racing circuits what the Ferrari represents for car Brands: you simply cannot ignore it. Like Monza and Silverstone, it has been the theatre of some of the most beatiful races in motorsport, and we are very proud to get the chance to reproduce it at our best.”

The SPA Francorchamps circuit will be reproduced in its modern layout, taking advantage of laserscan technology, and also an historical remake will be produced in future, in order to bring back to life the golden age of motorsport, thanks to the classic racing cars that will be included in the game.

SPA Francorchamps circuit will be included in the first Premium Pack DLC that will include also some new additional cars, and be downloadadble FOR FREE for all those who will pre order their copy of Assetto Corsa.

Assetto Corsa's preorder will be launched soon. Stay tuned to keep updated!

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