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Greek God 05.10.2014 06:59

Sword Art Online: Lost Song
Hersteller: Namco Bandai
Entwickler: Artdink
Genre: Action-RPG
Anzahl der Spieler:
Technische Daten(Auflösung/Framerate):
Distributions Format: PS3 und Vita
Kompatible Peripherie:
Preis (UVP):
Release Datum: 2015

It has a completely new story, takes place in Alfheim Online, and will have air combat.

BlackGhostrider 05.10.2014 12:25

Also gehen sie wirklich einen komplett eigenen Storyweg?
Da bin ich mal gespannt was in ALO mit Kirito als MC überhaupt noch passiert^^
Sieht ne ganze Ecke dynamischer aus. i like! :D

Greek God 14.10.2014 17:32

Die ersten Infos sind nun aufgetaucht!

First details for the recently announced Sword Art Online: Lost Song have arrived via this week’s Dengeki PlayStation.

Sword Art Online: Lost Song talks place on Svart ALfheim, a mysterious new floating continent that comes bundled with a game update to ALfheim Online. The continent is said to include a multitude of different area types, including plains, deserts, and icebergs, among other varieties. Each area is also estimated to be around 16 square kilometers in size, all of which can be freely explored on foot or in the air.

Notably, Lost Song will be the first Sword Art Online game where players can choose to play as someone other than Kirito. Although whether they’ll be able to do so with a customizable avatar is still to be determined.

Gameplay-wise, combat is now split into land and air battles, both of which play differently. Air battles, for instance, are stated to afford complete freedom of maneuverability to players, with the dimensionality therefore being of strategic importance. As such, air battles feature no auto attacks, but should players choose to not have lock-on targeting activated, they can attack any part of an enemy’s body as they choose.

As for land battles, they’re said to be the predominant form of combat in dungeons and it’s implied that jumping may be a new feature added to them. Beyond that, players can readily switch between air and land combat styles at their discretion.

Parties in the game, meanwhile, now top out at three characters, the composition of which is dictated by players. A number of new characters are set to appear in the game, although Sinon is also believed to be making a return, given her appearance in art being shown for the game.

Sword Art Online: Lost Song is due out for PlayStation 3 and PS Vita in Japan next year.

BlackGhostrider 22.10.2014 15:40


Light novel author Reki Kawahara and Bandai Namco game producer Yosuke Futami recently spoke to Dengeki Online about Sword Art Online: Lost Song, the Alfheim Online based third SAO game. Kawahara noted that the game will have more action elements than its predecessors and Futami added that the dimension of flight from Kawahara's novels was both essential and challenging to recreate.

Magic and different types of ground battles will also be adding variety to the game.

Another distinguishing factor is that unlike the titular SAO, ALO is not a “Death Game," so characters can die without real world consequence. According to Kawahara, the Death Game part of SAO was meant to “eliminate the duality of the player and his avatar”. In contrast, with the “Death Game” element now gone, Lost Song is a game that “flesh-and-blood players can now enjoy” rather than worry about survival.

They also noted that the version of ALO will have Aincrad already added by Kirito as well as new areas for the players to explore.

Greek God 24.10.2014 12:26


BlackGhostrider 24.10.2014 13:08

'Engrish' :D

Greek God 28.10.2014 18:56


Greek God 29.10.2014 11:22

Sword Art Online: Lost Song Producer: Expect A Better English Translation

At GameStart Asia 2014 Bandai Namco Games’s Yosuke Futami, producer for Sword Art Online: Lost Song, announced that the game would be localized in English for the Asia market sometime in 2015.

After the announcement was made, Siliconera got to speak to Futami briefly. We asked him the two biggest questions that we think are on Siliconera readers’ minds: 1) Will the English version of Sword Art Online: Lost Song see a physical copy release in North American and European regions, and 2) can fans expect to see better English translations in Lost Song, since one of the chief complaints in Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment was that the localization was not very good.

Although Futami could not take any questions about a US/EU release of Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment at this moment, he did answer our second question.

"Ah, right, the English translations in Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment weren’t that good, huh? Actually, there’s a reason for that, but it’s not something that I can talk about," Futami said to us. "But we’re aware of the root of the problem and what I can say is that this time around with Lost Song, we’re doing things differently. Fans can expect much better translations as the localization process will be handled very differently. Please look forward to it."

Now all we have to do is wait for an official announcement for North American and European releases for the game. The English version of Sword Art Online: Lost Song is slated for release on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita sometime in 2015.

Alles andere wäre auch extrem peinlich nachdem der erste Teil ein Erfolg auf der Vita war.

Greek God 30.10.2014 10:39

Sword Art Online: Lost Song introduces new area Vorklinde, PS Vita limited edition

Dengeki has gone up with a new online preview of Sword Art Online: Lost Song, providing a first look at a new area called “Vorklinde.”

Lost Song is set on a legendary continent in ALfheim Online called “Svart ALfheim, which is composed of several floating continents. One of which is Vorklinde, a floating grassland where you’ll find windmills and other large structures.


Additionally, Bandai Namco revealed a limited edition for the PS Vita version of the game. For 9,980 yen, it will include a special box, special Blu-ray disc, soundtrack CD, special booklet, and 12 clear posters. The standard edition of the game will cost 7,120 yen on PlayStation 3 and 6,170 yen on PS Vita.

Sword Art Online: Lost Song is due out for PlayStation 3 and PS Vita in Japan on March 26. The game is also being localized in English for Asia.

Greek God 25.11.2014 14:23

Philia Returns As A Spriggan In Sword Art Online: Lost Song


BlackGhostrider 25.11.2014 17:32

Sehr gut, fehlt noch strea :D
Hier noch ein Bild dazu

Hmm.... Direkt zu Release die Asia Version für ps3, oder bis zum westlichen Release warten und dann für Vita ~hmm~
Noch nicht ganz sicher ^^

Greek God 05.12.2014 11:32


Zitat von BlackGhostrider (Beitrag 1534963)
Sehr gut, fehlt noch strea :D
Hier noch ein Bild dazu

Hmm.... Direkt zu Release die Asia Version für ps3, oder bis zum westlichen Release warten und dann für Vita ~hmm~
Noch nicht ganz sicher ^^

Hatte die nicht mal orangene Haare?


BlackGhostrider 05.12.2014 12:20

Hatte sie, wird aber auch nicht die einzige sein, die in ALO die Farbe wechselt :)

Greek God 08.12.2014 10:59


Zitat von BlackGhostrider (Beitrag 1538535)
Hatte sie, wird aber auch nicht die einzige sein, die in ALO die Farbe wechselt :)

Jetzt sind neue Bilder augetaucht
Da hat sie beide Farben?( Schätze muss den Anime sehen um das zu verstehen:ugly:

Greek God 09.12.2014 16:31


BlackGhostrider 09.12.2014 20:59


Zitat von BlackGhostrider (Beitrag 1534963)
Sehr gut, fehlt noch strea :D

Yay :D

BlackGhostrider 11.12.2014 13:44

BlackGhostrider 21.12.2014 16:22

Sword Art Online: Lost Song's New Characters Teased in Ad
'The gears slowly turn… A brilliant scientist singing of peace in the VR world.'

'The singer's guardian.'

'A girl, called a liar by others, seeking the light.'

Greek God 14.01.2015 14:06

Sword Art Online: Lost Song is developed by Artdink

For Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment, Bandai Namco listened to user feedback from Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment, which led to at least 100 changes.
Hollow Fragment sold a total of 450,000 units worldwide. In Japan, sales were about 280,000. In Asia, 90,000. And in North America, the game sold about 70,000 units.

While Aquria handled Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment and Hollow Fragment, Artdink is developing Lost Song. Artdink was decided as developer around the time production of the second season of the anime was decided.

Yasukazu once said that a Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment sequel would be made if it sold 200,000 copies. Lost Song is not a sequel, but something completely new.
There was only one thing left unresolved in Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment, and that was the “Save Strea Story.” Strea and ALfheim Online are bound to one another, and even if players would be happy to see her go, she can’t just up and disappear from the game. Lost Song will look into these points more closely and Yasuzaku hopes that players will ultimately be able to come around to her.

Bandai Namco is planning to release updates to Lost Song, just as they did with Hollow Fragment, post-release. The content and timing is not clear, but it will incorporate user feedback. There will also be downloadable content, such as new missions, but it will all be free.

Yasukazu wants to continue doing Sword Art Online stuff as much as possible, both apps and consumer games alike. He jokingly adds that he’d like to make a virtual reality MMO himself, and that it would be nice if Bandai Namco could come together to advance virtual reality in its own way.

Read more at http://gematsu.com/2015/01/sword-art...rodfqmI34uT.99

Another SAO Game incoming?~notbad~

Hab den Hollow Fragment Teil inzwischen schon durch. Maxe jetzt meine Beziehungen für die Trophäen:ugly: Ist schon etwas zeitaufwändig, imo sollte sowas zügiger gehen wenn ich nichts anderes mache als R (indeed) zu drücken bei den Gesprächen.

BlackGhostrider 20.01.2015 13:27

Noch ne kleine Werbung
Kirito: The newest Sword Art Online game!
Rain: I wonder why I get found out?
Text: We despised
Sumeragi: It's not something you should concern yourself with.
Seven: It's not like I'm doing anything bad!
Text: The song that wished for peace for all
Kirito: This is a tough one!
Kirito: Sword Art Online: Lost Song.

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